The Top 5 Domain Parking Companies

top domain name parking websites

The Top 5 Domain Parking Companies

If you are a domain owner chances are you are parking your domain while trying to sell it.

There is tons of options when it comes to domain parking services and domain parking companies.

Here’s a list of the top domain parking companies:


domain parking by efty

Efty is a great solution if you wanna get setup in minutes with easy to switch themes for you domain names. Simply point your domains to Efty and your can start taking offers and selling instantly. Efty even offers a marketplace so you can build an entire website for your portfolio to display it to buyers.



Bodis is a solid choice if you are looking to get your domains parked in minutes. Their templates allow you the oppurtunity to make money by displaying relevant ads to your visitors. You can also accept payments instantly using bodies which increases sales potential for those impulse buyers. Bodis also offers API so you can manage your account using JSON and XML API.


voodoo domain parking


sedo domain parking

Sedo is an awesome choice for a parking company to park your domains at. Not only can you sell your domains instantly you can get them features by the biggest domain buyers in the domain industry. The only reason its listed as number four on this list is because the parking companies above offer a little bit more flexibility when it comes to the landing page of the domain name. Keep in mind SEDO charges more of a commission than the first few on the list but they also expose your domain to a much larger buyer pool.


afternic godaddy domain name parking

Afternic is a great choice if you want to actively sell your domain names and you don’t mind paying commision for services like having brokers on standby to field inquires on your domain names. Brand Names Inc. has sold quite a few domain names through afternic and its a solid choice for domain name parking. Afternic can expose your domain name to some of the biggest domain name buyers in the domain name industry.


flippa domain names

Flippa is another solid choice for a domain name parking company. The great thing about flippa it is easy to get started and setup and it will INSTANTLY expose your domain names to some of the biggest and best domain name investors in the world. Flippa is a great choice if you plan on selling more than one domain name or if you want to sell multiple domain names. There is a lot of domain name listings on Flippa so if you domain name is not what is considered premium it won’t likely be very popular.

There’s some other solid domain name parking websites that we did not cover like godaddy, uniregistry, moniker, smartname, skenzo.

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