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Business Name Generator

So you want a creative catchy business name idea that isn't a big fat pile of dog doo-doo?

Stop! Step back from the automated business name generator that is free online. They are nothing more than hot garbage and a waste of your valuable time.

Do you know what the best business name generator is?

I will give you a second for you to google it.

But the answer is you won’t find it in google because it is right in between your ears…. Its your brain!

If you are getting into a business you should already know EVERYTHING there is to know about your target market. Knowing your target market will strongly guide you on a catchy business name. If you don’t know your market you should start there before naming your business.

Here’s some tips for a generating a creative business name:

#1. Your first & last name is awesome! Everybody gets that. But don’t name your business after your name. Most people cannot remember the name of people they meet, they won’t remember John’s Tree Service in 6 months.

#2. Avoid using words that are easy to misspell or that are hard to say.

#3. Taking a common word that is relevant to your business idea and adding ify, y, or an extra letter at the end has proven to be successful. (i.e: Shopify, Leafy, Fiverr)

#4. Avoid using trademarks in your business name.

#5. Avoid automated artificial intelligence business name generators. The great majority of successful business brand names were thought up by humans.

#6. Use a business name that is available to register the domain name & social media accounts. Nothing is worse than having a great brand name where all the domains & social media accounts are taken.

#7. Make sure you absolutely love the business brand name! You will write, say, pronounce, print and think about this business name tens of thousands of times.

If you want a business brand name from an expert, here’s a list of business name ideas:

If you are still stumped on what to name your big idea, brand names inc. can help you out! We have helped named 100’s of businesses and we can help name your business. Check out business brand name generation services here

One last piece of advise for naming your company… Do not make a quick rash decisions. Sit on the name you like, and it will come to you in a few days, maybe weeks which business name is the best.


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