Start your very own lucrative Live Chat website with this brand name

live chat

Start your very own lucrative Live Chat website with this brand name

Exact Match Domains priced this low just aren’t available anymore..

Brand Names Inc. is proud to bring you this super rare and spectacular Live Chat brand name that can easily be transformed into a super lucrative money making cash cow!

Currently — Live Chat Inc. owns all the top level Live Chat domain names and they forward to their main money website.. sold for close to $20,000.00. is the most valuable Live Chat property available on the market today! Take advantage of this rare opportunity now before somebody else does…

Few reasons why this premium property is an undervalued gold mine:

  • 670,000+ Average Month Searches for the Keyword: Live Chat
  • Average Cost Per Click: $0.30
  • Average Ad Competition: High (lots of live chat companies paying money to advertise)
  • Laser Targeted Exact Match Domain Name – Super Easy to rank — and Stay Ranked!
  • Easy to Remember Domain Name – Easy to brand!

Just a few ideas for the future of this premium property:

  • Sell the domain to a live chat service for six figures plus
  • Develop a content site around live chat. The amount of searches for live chat related terms is EXPLODING!
  • Hold the property as an investment. Premium properties like this aren’t readily available anymore and will only increase in value.
  • Park the domain and collect money. While the domain is parked and making money let people make offers to buy for significantly higher than you paid.
  • Start a directory of live chat software. Free listings for all live chat clients to generate content, with a premium upsell on featured live chat clients. Collection recurring monthly income month after month.

Why are we selling such a premium piece of internet real estate?

Brand Names Inc. buys, sells, and develops premium business brand names.


Recent Comparable Domain Name Sales:


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This asset sale will include:

  • The domain –
  • Free domain transfer support from our enom account to your enom account

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