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Start your very own lucrative Live Chat website with this brand name

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Business Name Generator

So you want a creative catchy business name idea that isn't a big fat pile of dog doo-doo? Stop! Step back from the automated business name generator that is free online. They are nothing more than hot garbage and a waste of your valuable time. Do you know what the best business name generator is? I will give you a second for you to google it. But the answer is you won’t find it in google because it is right in between your ears…. [...]

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The Top Domain Parking Companies

If you are a domain owner chances are you are parking your domain while trying to sell it. There is tons of options when it comes to domain parking services and domain parking companies. Here’s a list of the top domain parking companies: #1 Efty is a great solution if you wanna get setup in minutes with easy to switch themes for you domain names. Simply point your domains to Efty and your can start taking offers and selling instantly. Efty even [...]

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Does your car dealership want to rank #1 in google for dealership?

Tens of thousands are searching each month for the term “dealership” Imagine building a dealership directory website with subdomains like: It would rank very well in google for lots of search terms with the right combination of content. If you want to improve the SEO of your car dealership website look no further than

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Just Listed: Vintage Watch Business Brand Name

Step into the super lucrative vintage watch niche… If there is one investment that is ALWAYS increasing over time its…. Vintage Watches Imagine if you were CEO of Vintage Watches Co. AKA: Fun Fact: is up for sale for a WHOPPING $100,000.00 USD — is a much better brand name and much much cheaper!  

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Apple iPhone Brand Name Facts that will Surprise You

Back when Steve Jobs was getting ready to launch the iPhone.. There was several brand names that were being tossed around. A few brand names that the iphone was almost called were:The #iPhone was almost named something else, with brand names such as Mobi Telepod Tripod The name “iPad” was also considered. Cleary Apple was stuck on incorporating “pod” into the iphone name. Luckily for apple and their branding agency they decided to roll with the best brand name the iPhone and the rest is [...]

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Start your very own super lucrative T-Shirt business with this Brand Name

T-Shirt Business brand name is available now at Brand Names Inc. for sale or lease! Premium top-shelf brand name for a T-Shirt shop. The T-Shirt niche is super lucrative! It only takes a handful of popular t-shirts to go viral to make an absolute cash flow machine. is the perfect T-Shirt brand name to build a million dollar+ a month business on. Super easy to remember & brand. Many other popular t-shirt businesses offer affiliate programs too like snorgtees, bustedtees, cafepress, [...]

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Interesting fact about Coke and it’s 20 different brand names

Coca-Cola owns a WHOPPING 20 different brand names that generate over $1 BILLION dollars in revenue each year. List of Coke’s Most Popular Brand Names: Minute Maid Simply Orange Juice & Lemonade Georgia Valle Fanta Powerade Diet Coke Sprite Coca-Cola Dasani Vitamin Water

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?Brand Name Fact: Google’s original brand name is not what you think it is

When google the brand was first started it was not called Google… Google’s original business brand name was ‘backrub’ The business brand name backrub was based on the system of finding and ranking pages based on website back links. TIP: The brand name google is light years ahead of backrub. Smart choice!