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Business Idea: CBD Vape Pens

Business Idea Imagine… Getting paid in your sleep when somebody searches for ‘cbd pens’ and clicks thru your links⁣. The CBD pens industry is a very lucrative business niche and can be turned into nearly passive income from selling ads and doing affiliate links Available for Lease NOW⁣ (click here)

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Business Idea – Digital Teacher Guides

📈Business Idea 🗣Imagine… Getting paid in your sleep when somebody downloads a teacher guide⁣. Over 6,000 searches are done each month for the term teacher guides. The digital teacher guides is a very lucrative business niche and can be turned into nearly passive income 👩‍🏫⁣⁣ 💰Available for Lease NOW⁣ (click Here) ⁣

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List of The Most Popular Business Ideas for 2020

Making money while you sleep has never been easier than it has in the year 2020… In some cases… Built it once and make revenue for life. We have extensively searched treasure chests full of tools that have combined dozens of factors to come up with the most popular business ideas for 2020. Here’s a list of the most popular business ideas for 2020: 1. CBD Products CBD gummies, CBD oil, CBD vape pens and other CBD products are exploding in popularity currently… Imagine [...]

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Business Idea – Drone Parts Store – Easy Online Business

💥Business Idea 🤖⁣⁣ 🗣Every 57 seconds somebody crashes a drone & needs drone parts. Think amazon affiliate commission.⁣ 💰Soon.. Drones will do deliveries of everything from pizza to dog treats. Imagine the amount of drones that will require parts regularly. The money could be going into your pocket as your sleep. Buy or Lease this brand name here

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JUST LISTED:⁣⁣ – Established Faucet Website for Sale

Once in a lifetime chance to own a gorgeous established website in the super lucrative faucet niche. Power play for any plumbing company! 💥JUST LISTED💥⁣ 🔪⁣ 💻 Established Drop Ship Faucet Website Since 2011⁣ 💰Website has made tens of thousands in revenue since launch with very little marketing

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Amazing domain name for the super lucrative coffee tables home decor niche. Each Month.. Over 450,000 searches are done in google for the exact match term ‘coffee tables‘ If you sell or manufacturer coffee tables this is a total power play. Click here for more details  

biggest domain name sale in 2019

2019 Biggest Sale –⁣ Sold for $30 Million

The biggest domain sale so far in 2019 goes to 💰2019 Biggest Sale💰⁣ 📱⁣ 💰Sold for $30 Million⁣ 🥇The Broker for this huge sale was microstrategy. Congrats! ⁣ .⁣

ecommerce facts

The Advantage of eCommerce! Gotta read this fact

By the Year 2040, 95% of all purchases will be via eCommerce Read that line again. That means only 5% of business will not need a good domain name and professional looking ecommerce website. In 2040, it will be the same as today. You will need a social media presence but it is NO replacement for a good domain name and website. The 5% of purchases not happening via ecommerce will most likely be “cash only” type of transactions.

cooking domain name sale

Brand Name Case Study:⁣⁣⁣⁣ Sold for $402,500.00 recently⁣⁣ at Sedo

👨‍🍳 just sold at sedo for $402,500.00⁣ One of the biggest domain name sales in 2019 so far. It will be interesting to see what kind of cooking website pops up on The cooking niche is huge! With sites like and others racking up millions of views for each cooking video quickly.


TRENDING:⁣ Established Revenue Generating Survival Prepper Drop-Ship Website For Sale

📈TRENDING📈⁣ 🔪⁣ 💻 Established drop-ship website w/rev⁣enue since launch