Frequently Asked Questions

TLD = Top Level Domain

On some of our listings you may see the term ‘TLD’s taken”

The more TLDs taken shows how popular a particular term is amongst other property owners. Its a good sign if a lot of the other extensions of a domain are currently owned.

Yes we do.

Keep in mind we turn down 97% of the daily requests we get to broker domain names because we consider them to not be liquid enough or they do not fit our current premium property criteria. With that said we would love to review your brand name. Please contact us right away if you have a premium adult domain name you are looking to have brokered.

Yes! .com is king and the best website extension to own.

Having a .com is like having the best piece of property in new york city. The .biz is like having a piece of property a couple blocks away from the best piece of property.

Our broker service fees vary based on your property sale price.

We guarantee our price is a great bargain for the extensive reach we have to increase your investment sale prices.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

We strongly believe in the philosophy of quality over quantity and for this reason we normally decline up to 97% of requests we get to sell domain names.

Our pool of buyers is only looking for desirable liquid premium properties.

Yes we do on most transactions. Larger transactions will only be done via escrow.com, bank wire transfer or cash.

Great question!! Thank you for asking! Our team of experts will handle all the tedious technical details. You will just need to click your mouse a few times and we will handle all the details until the domains are in your possession. If you ever want to sell your domains for more than you paid for a profit we can help with that too!

Yes. We offer a few different financing options.

Option 1 – Brand Name leasing.

Option 2 – Minimum Monthly payments until to purchase paid off

Yes. We regularly do this for high profile clients.

Yes we do. Please contact us today for more info.