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    • Antique motorcycles only get more valuable as time goes on.
    • Tap into this lucrative motorcycle niche.
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    App Appraisal

    Do you want to sell or buy an app but not sure of the current value?


    Getting a professional app appraisal can help earn you more profit by helping you understand the current turbulent market conditions.


    Our proprietary point based system will quickly identify your app value and other crucial factors that other brand name experts leave out.


    Exclusive Benefits of a Brand Names App Appraisal:

    • App analysis based on our exclusive proprietary points such as age, search engine searches, previous comparable sales and more
    • Our proprietary point based system has been fined tuned over 15 years and includes details other brand name experts ignore
    • Includes a list of comparable sales
    • Appraisal is delivered via email within 2-3 business days (emergency service available)
    • Our official appraisal ensures you do not leave any money on the table
    • Positively impact your tax return with a reputable domain appraisal
    • All appraisals are completed by industry leading experts. No automated appraisals here
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    • 18,000 searches per month for this term App Ideas.
    • 12 TLDs taken.
    • Advertisers paying 2.28 cost per click.
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    • 110,000 searches per month for this term.
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    • Instantly become a leader in the appliance repairs niche
    • Appliance repairs brandable business name
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    • 18,000 searches per month for this term.
    • 19.73 USD cost per click.
    • 9 TLDs taken.
    • Big business here.
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    • TONS of Advertisers currently paying 6.49 USD cost per click to target this keyword.
    • 16 TLDs taken.
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    • 14,800 searches per month for this term.
    • Advertisers are paying 2.67 USD cost per click for this term.
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    • The .org sold previoulsy for four-figures.
    • Sleeping is big business and an evergreen niche that will be around forever.
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    • 14,800 searches per month for this term.
    • 1.54 USD cost per click.
    • .com, .net TAKEN.
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    • Sold previously for $782 at Godaddy in 2009
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    • Auto speed is a common brand name that can be used for a variety of uses.
    • Very easy to remember & brand.
    • Trustworthy .org
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    • 9,900 searches per month for this term.
    • Baby proofing is big business.
    • Evergreen niche.