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Apple iPhone Brand Name Facts that will Surprise You

Back when Steve Jobs was getting ready to launch the iPhone.. There was several brand names that were being tossed around. A few brand names that the iphone was almost called were:The #iPhone was almost named something else, with brand names such as Mobi Telepod Tripod The name “iPad” was also considered. Cleary Apple was stuck on incorporating “pod” into the iphone name. Luckily for apple and their branding agency they decided to roll with the best brand name the iPhone and the rest is [...]

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?Brand Name Fact: Google’s original brand name is not what you think it is

When google the brand was first started it was not called Google… Google’s original business brand name was ‘backrub’ The business brand name backrub was based on the system of finding and ranking pages based on website back links. TIP: The brand name google is light years ahead of backrub. Smart choice!